Sunday, July 6, 2008

Start With the Facts for Todd Rhoad's New Book

1 - How did you get interested in the topic that’s featured in your book?

When I saw my friends struggling to achieve their desired career success, no matter what they tried (e.g. hard work, advanced college degrees).

2 - Tell us a bit about your background. What have you done in the past that relates to your book and that topic?

Todd Rhoad’s expertise is drawn from twenty years of experience as an engineer struggling to climb the corporate ladder through government, private, public, profit and non-profit organizations. Thinking education alone would be sufficient to climb the ladder, Todd obtained both a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration. He has worked in numerous industries from consumer products to high technology research and development while serving in roles from engineer to finally reaching the managerial ranks. He is currently a Managing Director at Bt Consulting in Austin, TX. With over 30 publications in journals, books and conferences, he is a frequent speaker and presenter at high schools, colleges and conferences.

3 - What advise would you give to someone who is interested in your topic?

It’s a constant battle against global forces now. Staying ahead of the career game requires a lot of work and networking.

4 - What do you see as the benefit to participating in groups and organizations? My first thought would be networking opportunities and the chance for personal and business growth. What are your reasons?

I teach a team-based approach to career success. I truly believe greater things are accomplished by the many, not the few.

5 - Who is the ideal person to read your book? If each person that reads this was going to recommend your book to one person, what sort of person would they want to chose?
The ideal person is the young professional seeking to make his mark in the world. Not having been trained or educated on what the corporate world is really like or how the corporate landscape is changing, they’ll struggle to understand it. The book will teach them a great way to capture success without worrying about competition or the endless barrage of organizational restructuring.

6 - What do you think ignites a person’s creativity?

A simple idea. That’s exactly what was developed with the Blitz Approach. I saw a problem, came up with an idea that could resolve it and then took 3 years to prove it.

7 - What have you found to be the biggest stumbling block for people who want to start writing?

Knowing how.

8 - How would you suggest they can overcome that?

Just write. Get all your ideas down on paper. Then, get help make it read better. Learn from others.

9 - What do you find is the biggest motivator for people to succeed? Is it money, security, desire for fame or something else?

It’s not one thing. As a need gets filled, it becomes something else. As we grow and change, so does the brass ring.

10 - Who is the “perfect” person to read your book?

Anyone who wants more success in their career but can’t seem to get it.

11 - Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

The purpose behind publishing this book is to provide the many young professionals entering the business world a realistic view of how business is done and what they can expect to encounter. It will also help those individuals that display the skills and talents needed to progress up the ladder but somehow never seem to get the opportunity. The blitz method will hopefully convince readers they can put significant control of their career in their own hands despite the numerous forces that hold them back.

The approach presented will be from an insider’s point of view. The concepts are current and relevant to situations individuals will face in today’s business world. Typically strategies for career advancement are presented from academics or consultants. These authors typically work with individuals at the higher levels of the organization that are considerably removed from the trials and tribulations in climbing the ladder. This book presents the story from the soldier who just stepped off the field of battle when the echo of the bombs, the smell of the powder and the heat from the wounds are still fresh in his mind.

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